Documenting Human Rights Abuses in a War

It is a good idea to have human rights abuses that take place in the course of a war documented. This way, there would be a possibility of the people who perpetrated the  abuses being held responsible. In the absence of human rights abuses documentation, it is very hard to hold the people who perpetrated the rights abuses responsible, once the war comes to an end. See, people’s memories are short. So by the time the war comes to an end, people may have forgotten who did what to whom. Furthermore, things happen so fast in the course of a war. Every day, new events (including new human rights abuses) unfold. If the human rights abuses are not documented, it can be very hard to keep track of what is unfolding.

The main challenge that arises, when it comes to documenting human rights abuses, is that of getting people to do it correctly. Many people fear working in war zones. It is hard to get someone to move from a peaceful nation, to work in a war zone. Take, for instance, someone who is working in the US, for the postal corporation. That person is assured of getting paychecks – however modest – through the liteblue portal. He does it within a peaceful nation, without having to worry about his physical safety. This person knows that he only has to visit the usps lite blue official site every two or so weeks, to find yet another paystub. Now why should this person leave the comfort and safety of the said job, to go and work in human rights abuses documentation within a war zone?

Yet there are folks who are driven by passion, and not just money. There also are folks who like the thrill/constant adrenaline rush of working in warzones. Such are the individuals you can hire, to do human rights  abuses documentation work for you.

So you just hire suitable people to do human rights abuses documentation. Then you train them adequately. And then you deploy them to the field. Their presence will, at the very least, keep the protagonists in the war from being too brazen. This is because the protagonists will be aware that their actions are being documented, and they may be held responsible one day.

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